What can CEO’s / Entrepreneurs learn from athletes?


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Although athletes and entrepreneurs / CEO’s have a large amount of differences, entrepreneurs can learn a great deal from the world of sport, especially from professional athletes themselves. Athletes are in constant competition with their rivals, and constantly strive daily to better themselves in every single way. Those concepts are also applicable in the world of business. Both also motivate people and strive for success. Here at Crowdholding, we have listed 5 concepts that athletes adhere to and why you should adopt them to become more successful.



1. Athletes train and train hard



Regardless if it is the off season for their sport, or a few weeks before a large competition athletes are in constant training and conditioning. Whether it is exercises for strength, endurance or to stretch out the muscles they are constantly striving to better their physique. Athletes continue this throughout the whole of their career to ensure they are ready to compete at any sporting event. The most successful people in business replicate this type of behavior. Instead of training their body to compete, they train their mind. This is done by constantly studying new business concepts, new innovative ideas and technologies, by planning and analyzing their market. A entrepreneur / CEO that is always striving to better their mind and knowledge of business will always be ready to “compete” against other companies.


2. Athletes listen to coaches



One of the strongest relationships in the world of sports is the one between a world class athlete and their coaching staff. Coaches provide knowledge, a different viewpoint, context, discipline and experience and without a coach, even the most gifted athlete may not reach their true potential. This can also be applied to the business world. The most successful entrepreneurs seek out mentors to give provide them with a direction, clarity and feedback. There is no shame in looking for someone who has vastly more years in the industry.


3. Athletes relish teamwork



“A boat doesn’t go forward if each one is rowing their own way” Swahili proverb

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” Aristotle

“Many of us are more capable than some of us, but none of us is as capable as all of us” Tom Wilson

There are many examples of great athletes who do not compete in team sports, but entrepreneurs should focus on team sports for this point. Although every championship winning team does have game changing athletes in their team, It is the overall teamwork that allows them to win competitions. Individuals can add an extra little special ability or leadership, but even the greatest athletes need their team around them to succeed. This is the same in the world of business. The company could have an all star entrepreneur or CEO, but companies rarely survive without a great supporting team around them.


4. Athletes focus on their goal (or the goal)



When a football player is getting ready to take a penalty kick, watching the ball and looking up at the goalkeeper, everyone can see the intense concentration on the player’s face. In business we rarely have to take penalty kicks to win a world cup, but the concept of concentration on one item is something that can be emulated. Entrepreneurs constantly have 100 different issues, decisions and thoughts thrown at them on a daily basis. Learning to focus on the most important thing, “scoring that goal” that allows the business to thrive.


5. Athletes strive to win



Accepting defeat isn’t in the athlete’s vocabulary, athletes sheer drive and determination to win, regardless of their previous losses is paramount. On top of that, they never want to stop winning, one trophy or medal is not the end, but instead is only the beginning. In business it is just as important; not in the sense of defeating their competition, but in the sense of dominating their industry. Entrepreneurs aspire to win, succeed and grow. If you never stop aiming to win, recognition and accomplishment will follow.


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