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The world famous street for financial fortunes to be made and lost is right at the heart of New York City in Lower Manhattan. An eight-block street that holds the key to the world’s financial secrets too, with the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, the New York Mercantile Exchange, New York Board of Trade, and a host of other financial entities that make it the most valuable bit of real estate under the Sun.

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The New York Stock Exchange has made many so called investors to lose all their lifelong savings having taking chances that do not exist to provide a realistic return on what you invest.

It is nothing but a bit of Las Vegas in a smaller area but unlike chips moving away from investors here numbers just vanish making investors poorer than when they walked in through those hallowed doorways with their savings.

On the contrary, it is the middlemen and women who have filled their pockets with the commissions that come their way at the expense of those who gamble away their savings and sometimes more than what they could have bargained for.

It is for this that most who have returned empty handed after walking with hope and confidence that they could make it big by taking on the established systems call this place the Evil Wall Street.

Evil it is no doubt because more people have lost in comparison to those who have made it big walking in and out of Wall street.

It is well known the world over that wallstreet reeks of corruption, underhand dealings we call as insider trading and every other ill that they financial world has to contend with when the stakes are high and this street it is very high.

Evil Wall Street has not only taken gullible investors up the garden path but has created a bigger problem by creating social issues directly as a consequence of the corruption and illegal actions of a few.

A few wrongdoers have been charged, indicted and thrown in the slammer but there are more who have been smart enough to have their fingers in the pie but have still to have been found wanting to such an extent that they are still free from possible prosecution.      

bribe here and a bribe there is the norm when one has to move a few millions here and there so it is all in the game of snakes and ladders where one wins one day and the other recoups today’s loss tomorrow, hence it is one very big corrupt family at work and if one tries to deviate from the norm he or she is sent as sacrificial lamb to the slaughter.

Statistics show that only about 0.01% of companies who are genuine in commitment make some headway and that does not reflect success as envisaged.

The new binary options with the use of automated robots doing what they think should happen is another disaster waiting in the wings to being blown out of proportion.

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