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What does it take to make a brand your brand? To really be able to influence a startup’s new inventions and brand strategy? In today’s customer-empowered society, co-creating and collaborating with the crowd is essential to the future growth of small businesses. And for bright inventors and innovators, is the chance to work on cool inventions and make them your brand! Value co-creation platform like is a must for businesses not wishing to get left behind!

If you want to make a brand your brand, start by collaborating and co-creating with startups to drive customer-centric innovation and marketing. When you share a common passion and interests with a startup, the opportunity to lead product innovation is worth more than the investment of time and energy. Crowdholding is a unique digital community devoted exclusively to the crowd, a place where people can express themselves in a spontaneous and authentic way, without being baited into false fronts for selling or promoting brands.

Are you tired of traditional thirty-second commercials and products developed exclusively by in-house R&D teams? Join Crowdholdingto shift the business mindset from “one-size-fits-all” to a customer-centric model of value creation Be a crowd hero and influence a startup’s strategy, build a personal brand or get hired.

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Influence Startups

Influence startups Product and idea innovation should not be seen as something the company does on its own with its proprietary R&D resources, but as an activity, it attempts in collaboration with other stakeholders involved in its ecosystem. You are no more a mere spectator and now have the opportunity to use your initiative and resources to impact every stage of a startup’s lifecycle - in sourcing raw materials, packaging, manufacture, distribution, consumer use - Crowdholding involves you in the full experience.

Build a personal brand

If your goal is to build a personal brand, position yourself as a professional and a great thought leader, get involved with startups and get your opinion to be considered as significant. When you collaborate and co-create on Crowdholding, you a acquire a constant self-education and personal brand building tool. A personal brand can be useful to anyone who wants to change the world, to better themselves and others.

Get Hired

Crowdholding can also be a place where you connect with a potential future employer and eventually join startups as their first employees. In order to build a reputation on Crowdholding, it is necessary on the one hand, to accumulate “proof of your personal brand” (for example, the number of project awards received, reviews and recommendations and so on) - and, on the other hand, stand out from the crowd by being unique and unusual.

One smart thing to ask yourself is: How do you derive value from what companies produce? It’s also an effective way of asking: What influences a company’s business - the product or the customer? We are focused on persuading businesses to rethink their marketing and idea innovation processes because the dynamics of value-creation changed. The key point is that if value-creation is to be effective you need to get involved in a startup’s ecosystem!

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The Crowdholding Story



Crowdholding connects the crowd with entrepreneurs, allowing you to give feedback and ideas for a future share.

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