Robots & Work: Jack Ma Predicted The Emergence of Robot-CEO


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The billionaire also predicted "decades of pain" caused by the impact of new technologies on traditional business.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma, spoke at a meeting of Chinese Businessmen's Club, predicting the emergence of CEO robots in the next 30 years and "decades of pain" from the impact of new technologies on traditional business, reports The Fortune.

Chairman Alibaba noted that in 30 years the robot could be on the cover of Time magazine as the General Director. "In 30 years on the cover of Time as the best CEO of the year, we will probably see a robot. He remembers better than us, he considers us better than us and will not argue with his competitors, "said Ma.

The billionaire reminded that he warned hundreds of times about the influence of e-commerce and the Internet on traditional business 15 years ago, but then no one listened to him. Any business that is not connected to the Internet can suffer in the future, the businessman concluded.

Ma points out that artificial intelligence technologies are essential for humanity, but machines should not replace people. According to the entrepreneur, the technological community should come up with how to make the robots do only what people can’t do. Thus, robots can become "human partners", not opponents.

In October last year, the businessman made a similar statement, but without a negative assessment of future changes. "In the course of history, technological revolutions were similar: 20 years of breakthroughs, and after - 30 years of rapid change in connection with the introduction of new technologies in society," Ma said, emphasizing that Alibaba will benefit from these changes. Among the specific technologies that will lead to a revolution in traditional industries, the billionaire called the growth of computing power and large data.

The founder of Alibaba predicted that in 30 years retail, financial services, production, and entertainment spheres would change. This will happen against the backdrop of growing computing power as a new "technological breakthrough" and data as a new "natural resource," Ma said.

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