10 interesting sport startups that will rule 2017


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Headphones for horses, a special aircraft for athletes, a very smart bracelet and other vigorous ideas for sports

Among the tens of thousands of new projects, each year promising to change the world, a small portion are aiming at stadiums, teams and fans. 9 out of 10 business venture attempts, according to the American Forbes (Read more why 75% of startups fail), end in failure, but selecting the most promising even from the remaining 10% is not simple. Below is the subjective rating of sports startups, which, if lucky, will be in demand around the world in 2017.

Company: "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft"

What does it offer: a plane for transportation of professional athletes

How much does it cost: more than $35 million

Famous mainly for its fighters, bombers and stormtroopers, the Sukhoi brand offers a product on the market that, unlike the "Superjet 100", can be called unique. The world's first airplane, designed to carry athletes around the world, is equipped not only with seats that monitor the condition of athletes and inform the physicians about it, but also a separate "zone for healing procedures and rehabilitation" (Turkish baths, unfortunately no, but there are exercise bikes), a diagnostic complex and equipment for physiotherapy. The trainers are promised a separate zone for the analysis of matches and theoretical training. In the summer SportJet was presented at the Olympics in Brazil, but there is no other news from them since then. The catalog price of the usual "Superjet" is about $35 million, that is, the sport version will certainly cost more. However, if we assume that it is supposed to carry athletes who, together with their talents, often are much more expensive, then, the investment justifies itself.

Company: WHOOP

What it offers: smart bracelet

How much is it: $ 500

On the one hand, WHOOP is yet another smart fitness tracker in a world full with dozens of the same, on the other hand - few of their competitors were lucky to be worn on the wrists by players of the NFL, Major League Baseball, NBA and the English Premier League. In basketball it even came to a small scandal: one of the players, "Cleveland" received a warning from the league because of the use of WHOOP. In the summer of 2016, 20 American Olympians also used the bracelet, including the disgraced swimmer Ryan Lochte (proving that the WHOOP knows a lot, but it is not almighty. The system, developed by Harvard graduates, analyzes the heart and skin condition of the athlete around the clock, can very accurately determine the levels of stress and fatigue, and with them the time required for recovery. In general, this is a diagnostician who is always there. Since November 2016, the bracelet can also be bought by amateurs, but so far only in the US.

Company: NIX

What it offers: a biosensor for athletes and not only

How much is it: unknown

The Boston company is working on a solution that is not the biggest, but certainly an important problem: NIX develops a sensor that can analyze the sweat and determine the level of hydration of the body. It is assumed that a disposable device that does not require power sources will help not only athletes, but also, for example, soldiers, as well as those who work in conditions involving the possibility of dehydration and the following problems: low blood pressure, rapid heart rate, Etc.

Company: Trainerbot

What does it offer: a 24-hour ping-pong partner

How much is it: $ 379

The project of the brothers Alexander and Harrison Chenov, who, according to legends, spent their childhood at the tennis table - a small (fits into a backpack) robot that can play ping-pong. More precisely, Trainerbot can only serve, but not return balls, but that was enough to make the project hit Kickstarter tcollect $258,000. The first commercial samples are promised to be distributed to customers in May 2017.

Company: Interprokom

What it offers: analytics for yachtsmen

How much does it cost: from € 1000

Information-analytical system "Regattaskop" (and by name it is immediately clear that the product is Russian) is the essence of a tracker for sailboats that can build 3D models of ships' movement in real time and analyze them on the fly. Perhaps not the most unique idea,but supported by the talents and competences of the creators (a former top manager of IBM and SAP); secondly, it has already been successfully tested in large competitions, and third, it aims at a very niche and understandable market .

Company: Dugout

What it offers: exclusive content for football fans

How much is it: free of charge

A cheerful English startup - a platform that even before the launch was able to agree on cooperation with a couple of dozen of the world's largest clubs, including Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United and others. There are two conditions: first, Dugout publishes unique content (preferably with a viral potential), created by players, secondly, advertising revenues are divided in half. The project started in November, it's too early to give estimates, but several funny videos on Dugout have really appeared.

Company: Horsecom

What it offers: headphones for horses

How much is it: $ 149

Hardly many people guessed this, but horses are able, firstly, to listen and hear music, and secondly, to react to it. Using this knowledge, Horsecom has developed a set of two devices: a device for a rider and a device for a horse. It is assumed that during the arrival they will both be able to hear the same melodies and interact via microphone (unsurprisingly, only the rider has it). Complete with a set of devices is an application that allows you to access a special horse soundtrack (eight new tunes every month) and lessons on dressage and handling of animals.

Company: Fuse Mobile

What it offers: an app for football referees and Apple Watch

How much is it: free of charge

Sensors for professional players, tablets for coaches - these are no longer news, but from all technologies in the past few years judges only got a foam, which draws the boundaries for the wall for a free-kick (and this is not always successful). Fuse Mobile decided to intervene and released an application for Apple Watch called GOREF, through which referees can measure the time and carry out the protocol of the match. In addition to the fact that such an idea exists nowhere else, the product turned out so beautiful that it was awarded the App Design Award 2016.

Company: Rent-a-ref

What it does Uber offer for judges

How much does it cost: price on request

Another referee service that solves an equally obvious problem: Rent-a-ref allows you to find and invite qualified referees to play and immediately pay for (in a good sense) his services. So far, the service is available only in the US, but the problem exists in other countries, and hence the solution can also be in demand.

Company: lettrs

What it offers: virtual autographs

How much is it: from $ 10 for signature

Created by a veteran of the first campaign in Iraq, Drew Bartkiewicz, the project is a story about how an idea of ordinary letters can be claimed in the world of short texts. Lettrs helps users to exchange meaningful messages and receive customized messages from stars with virtual autographs (look like real ones, but on the screen). In some sports, for example in baseball, memorials (that is, everything that the signature of a famous person is bearing) is the subject of a separate cult, and only the digital part of this market, experts say, will reach $ 3 billion in 5 years. The agreement between lettrs And MLB (the main US baseball league) has already been signed. Selling air has never been so profitable


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