30 reasons to be an online entrepreneur


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I never thought I would become an online entrepreneur, but now that I am, it's hard for me to imagine returning to normal work.

There are many reasons why I like this kind of work and I decided to create my own list of the advantages, which we will consider in this article. If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, starting your own business, I hope that reading this article will inspire you to take a decisive step. Even if you already have your own business, I think that this article will remind you that you have already achieved a lot, for which you should be thankful in particular to yourself.

№ 1 Work in pajamas.

Yes, working for yourself is really convenient, your business, your rules. Online entrepreneurs do not need to get to work, you can wear sandals, sweat pants and even pajamas. Read also: 11 to do to become a millionaire by 30

№ 2 Small risk.

"If you start from scratch without investing, then there is nothing to lose except time". - Michael Dunlop. This article also explains how to start a business with no money.

Fifteen years ago, if you wanted to sell a product, you would need a store. Or if you were offering a service, office space was needed. To promote the business, you would have to pay for advertising space. Starting a business was an expensive pleasure and therefore risky. However, the Internet has changed a lot of things. Instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars a year for real estate, you can pay less than $100 a year for a domain name and hosting. Instead of paying huge amounts of money for advertising, you can begin to implement your marketing strategy on social media platforms for free.

All this does not guarantee you much success but does not mean that you will lose much if you use these means.

№ 3 The business belongs only to you - the online entrepreneur.

When you work for some company, all efforts are made to help develop a business that does not belong to you. While acting as an entrepreneur, all efforts in work & development will aim to increase the value of the business as a whole, which you own directly. Getting a stable monthly salary is a big plus, but a short-term solution to financial problems, compared to a developing asset that can bring you a lot of money year after year. Read also: 7 Entrepreneurs from Shark Tank Share Tips

№ 4 In business, it's never boring.

Usually, firms hire people to perform a specific role, like workers, to do the same thing very well. Yes, you can get a considerable salary along with the surcharges, that can effectively influence your budget, but personally, in my opinion, that is boring and nothing more.

Beginning entrepreneurs, instead of performing one role, one usually has to work as a designer, a writer, a programmer, a salesman, and perhaps even a janitor (someone should clean up), but believe it is precisely those things that make the business fascinating. You are becoming you who want to be as described by Entrepreneur magazine.

№ 5 Something new every day.

Here is another advantage of having a variety of online entrepreneur duties: to work in order to learn more.

Even if one day you could find out all the ways of earning money on the Internet, you still need to wake up the next day early to learn further. For online entrepreneurs, continuous independent training will help keep up with modern technologies, methods, trends, to become even more successful.

Personally, I like to comprehend, get to the essence of the information received and draw appropriate conclusions, especially if I have learned a valuable new concept, news or business system. I believe that it is necessary to keep your mind sharp, fast-acting and thinking effectively.

No. 6 Seeking a true calling.

Most people know how to make money quickly and easily, as well as what they want to achieve over a certain period of time, while others are the other way around. If you are looking for some clarity on this issue, then it's just necessary to become an entrepreneur, since this is a self-directed career. Personally, in my opinion, starting a business is a good way to find your true vocation.

№ 7 Exclusion of hitting in rush hour.

Spending time in rush hours on the way to work is a big waste of time, gasoline, and your patience. As for the online entrepreneur, your working day begins with a trip from the bedroom to the office. If you do not work at home, you can still avoid a peak, going to work an hour earlier or later.

No. 8 More homemade food.

Usually, workers do not prepare a lot of food during the lunch break. It is most practical to go for lunch in a cafe or it bring from home. But, as an online entrepreneur, you can work without leaving home, and therefore, have more tasty, useful meals on your desk.

No. 9 More sunlight.

Spending long hours in the office means you are missing out on that crucial Vitamin D supply. Sometimes, it’s nice to take a walk, go do sports outside and come back to work when you feel like it.

No. 10 It helps build your network.

The difference between achieving even the most daring dream and contentment with what you have is not as great as it seems and much depends on you.

Entrepreneurship involves meeting a lot of new people with similar interests that may turn out to be potential clients, investors or good partners in the future. Together, you can build a whole network of companies and always move your business further.

№ 11 The Internet continues to grow.

As of December 2016, only 40% of the world's population had access to the Internet. Thinking clearly, in the next decade this number will rise steadily, as more and more people gain access. Meanwhile, these two billion+ of us who are already connected to the Internet are likely to use it constantly. In other words, the Internet is a healthy growing industry. If you start a business on the Internet today, you will enjoy the benefits of this growth. Forget your degree, start a business.

№ 12 We are in a period of a transition economy.

Over the past two decades, we have witnessed a dramatic increase in digital technology and global trade. This shocked the world economy and left many industries exhausted. But of course, also, new profitable opportunities for business and online entrepreneurs have been created. While large, old companies are struggling to adapt to these changes, starting a business from scratch can be successful on the first attempt. An excellent example of this is Green-back Notebooks, which turns profit into a completely new industry (computer recycling).

№ 13 The employer's market.

The unemployment rate is high all over the world, and this is bad news for employees who are looking to work in a more competitive niche or already have lower wages. But this is good news for entrepreneurs who can benefit from hiring an affordable workforce that can help develop their business.

№ 14 Creating jobs.

If your business becomes successful, it becomes necessary to hire a few more employees. The larger your company becomes, the more people you need.

For example, Google was launched when there were only two people in its staff, but now it employs more than 50,000 people. What would these 50,000 people do if not for Google?

№ 15 The Internet, as a production habit.

If you have already managed to finish reading this point, I assume that you are ready to spend a lot of time on the Internet. When you do online business, the Internet becomes a part of your work: you will benefit from reading relevant articles, communicating with people in your industry, sharing experiences. Spend time on the Internet with benefit, and this will definitely affect your success.

№ 16 Do what you like.

Most likely this is one of the best reasons to become an online entrepreneur.

Instead of having plans appointed by the employer, entrepreneurs can effectively create their own plans for work and do what they consider necessary.

№17 Obtaining additional earnings.

Passive income is money that you earn on a regular basis but without special efforts to maintain it. One example of additional income will be the monthly rent to the landlord. Almost everyone likes the idea of passive income because you can make money by doing what you like, and even while you sleep. A good website can earn money without much maintenance, Internet entrepreneurs have a good opportunity to earn passive income. One of the easiest ways is to advertise on your sites or give feedback and ideas for future revenue on Crowdholding.

No. 18 There are no bosses.

A good boss is a leader, mentor, and friend. Bad boss equals hell on earth.

If you do not want to get under the hot hand of your boss, why not try to become one yourself? Here there will be no responsibility for subordinates, reports to authorities about the work done, now you are your own master.

No. 19 Your cut.

One of the most terrible things for an employee, learn about your own reduction, demotion, and dismissal. I think it's clear that many companies are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs, in particular, it affects the wages of employees. Any day, you can go to work with promising career growth and return home unemployed. As an entrepreneur, you can lose customers, visitors or followers, but you can never lose your job. Your future is in your hands.

№ 20 Working day - online entrepreneur.

Earning money online usually does not happen immediately. It takes the time to develop a website, product or something else. Even in the world the most successful Internet businessmen (I think Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, you can add Pavel Durov) did not make money on their sites for many years. Thus, by becoming an online entrepreneur, you can allocate your time as you like.

№ 21 Full-time work.

At some point, the business on the Internet can become so profitable that your constant offline work is simply not profitable and takes a lot of time. At this time, you begin working more closely on your business. Entrepreneurship does not always require a permanent job.

№ 22 Business will teach self-discipline.

Entrepreneurs should consider themselves responsible. This is a challenge, but also a great opportunity to demonstrate your willpower. To be your own boss, in practice means to motivate yourself every day to achieve your goals.

Self-discipline with time becomes a habit. Practicing it daily, it makes you feel more confident that the business of production as a whole is well formed on the success.

№ 23 Ability to travel the world.

If your office is on the network, you can work from almost anywhere.

Some entrepreneurs (like Cody McKibben) have long enjoyed this. Many such people are called "digital nomads". In general, the world is much more beautiful and interesting than it seems, and business on the Internet gives you a chance to see it yourself.

№ 24 Biological clock.

We all have a unique biological clock that plays a big role in our mood and energy for the whole day. Personally, for me every night at midnight, as if the switch is clicking in my brain, thereby I become extremely focused and creative and productive. This is the time of the night when, as a rule, I do my best work.

If I were a typical worker, then this productive window would be wasted. Here you also have one of the biggest advantages of an Internet entrepreneur, the ability to listen to your body, that would solve all problems without problems and stresses.

№ 25 Four-hour working week.

How to use things like outsourcing, internet marketing tools, drop shipping, and Google Adsense to automate your business and only work four hours a week.

This is one of the most desired entrepreneurial fantasies: to build a business so that it would work without you. Of course, you can not start a completely new business and work on it for several hours a week, while expecting that you can live at the expense of its income. The road to a four-hour work week is often paved from 50 and even 60 hours of work for half a year.

№ 26 Efficiency in any business.

Another way to work fewer hours a week is to work more efficiently. The earlier you get the project with the desired results, the faster you can relax. But also one nuance, for example, working in a company, hourly wages can on the contrary force you not to rush to do your job, because knowing that the more time you will perform the task, the more money you will receive. Personally, I prefer to use the incentive of efficiency in online entrepreneurship.

No. 27 A sense of satisfaction.

It is difficult to determine what gives a sense of satisfaction, but we know when we feel it. In my experience, many entrepreneurs are happy with any, even the smallest successes and I think this is right, you need to settle for any small thing, naturally to strive for more, because these are the fruits of your labors, extracted by your own ways and forces.

№ 28 Unlimited opportunities for growth.

Taking the example of traditional work, where you constantly need to move along the career ladder. But, unfortunately, I'm not very sure that even a couple of us will grow from the secretary to CEO in one week. Entrepreneurs, however, can experience great breakthroughs and sudden leaps in success. You can make $100 for one week and $10,000 for the next. Forget about the fears of failure, because knowing that your own business can explode at any time is an indisputable interest in online entrepreneurship.

№ 29 Influence on the world.

As an employee, you can easily feel like you are only a means of obtaining results for the company. Entrepreneurs build enterprises, own production, which reflects their goals and values. Their business brings entertainment, information, and help to people, while they are the ones who form the world.

No. 30 Money in life, a good inheritance, and capitals.

I do not know the meaning of life, but I guess that many of us want and that plays an important role. To feed a family and leave a good inheritance it is not necessary to start your own business, but if you really want to "lay a difference in the universe", then you just need to become an entrepreneur; Steve Jobs changed our view of technology. Bill Gates helped and gave the opportunity to live fully to many people (through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation). Simply put, an own business is a powerful thing. When you create one, you create an opportunity to provide great value to people around the planet. Create such a business that it would gain even more momentum even after you left.

What are your thoughts? Have any of these 30 reasons answered the question: "Is that why I decided to become an entrepreneur?" Or did I miss something? In any case, please reply in the comments below. And if you are not an entrepreneur, I will give you another reason to become one: You can start right now!



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