How to chose a dating site?


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With the modern furious pace of life and busy schedules, we are increasingly confronted with such a problem as the lack of time for personal life. And the matter, of course, is not in time itself, but in the vital question: where to meet the "right" person? How to make the first step to getting to know the guy you like, without risking getting into an embarrassing situation? What if you work or study in a purely female team?

Today, "real" romantic dating - in the metro, in parks and concerts - more and more go into oblivion. If you still doubt whether it's worth to try it out and register on any dating site, then we responsibly declare: yes, it's worth it! The main thing is to pay attention to choosing the right service. Nowadays, on the "dating market," there are many different sites and applications that help single people find each other. Editors at Crowdholding undertook to test the most popular ones. And that's what we got:


The year of Mamba's foundation was 2003. By the end of 2004, the number of active users of the site was more than one million, and the number of new registered users was more than seven thousand per day. Today Mamba is an international dating service, represented in foreign markets and having a base of more than 14 million active users. One of the exclusive functions of the portal - the ability to indicate their sexual preferences, and also to create an account solely for the search for a partner for sex.

In practice:

The undisputed plus of the site is a truly huge number of registered users. That is, something, and there is a wide choice there. But this plus, unfortunately, easily turns into a minus: placing more than a modest picture of a girl in a business suit, in the first hour we received more than three hundred messages with a variety of proposals. Letters from intelligent and interesting men in this stream undoubtedly met. But are you ready to spend a few hours a day on "filtering" the responses?


The application for mobile platforms Android and iOS appeared on the market in September 2012. According to statistical data, Tinder is used daily by more than 10 million people all over the world.

In practice:

A distinctive feature of this application is a truly worthy and intelligent public, as well as the opportunity to get acquainted with those users who are in close proximity to you (for example, at a neighboring table in a restaurant). However, in this application, we found a minor disadvantage: limiting free "likes". If you intend to become an active user of Tinder, you will have to spend a little


The most innovative dating app Vene is helping single individuals to break the ice by changing the way of communication. The application is very simple, not time-consuming and chatting itself is fun. It was launched in London, nowadays mainly targeting the Dutch market with interest to expand to other nearby locations.

In Practice:

Using Vene for finding friends or meeting singles, either way, it is an easy experience. When you match with someone an automatic ice breaker is sent out. Basically, the app gives three predetermined messages that can be selected and sent to people you matched with. Here are some samples of predetermined messages:

  • What would you do if you were trapped amongst a group of monkeys inside a forest?

  • Coke or Pepsi?

  • Do you have a map?

The same options are available to the addressee; he/she has three options for replying your question. After chatting, if both parts are confident enough they can unlock the open chat, which is the normal chat option. Probably everyone will agree that the app like Vene gives the possibility to its users for a great and comfortable start for a funny chatting. So why to lose time, download Vene app today and enjoy your chat. For the more information visit

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